Slate roofing


Slate roofs

Natural – environmentally sustainable

Of all natural materials, slate is the best for roofing and is suitable in both coastal and mountain areas, because of its water resistance, frost-thaw resistance and high resistance to weathering.

Due to its pronounced fissility it is easily split along parallel planes into regular thin sheets or slabs, ready for immediate use as a lightweight, resistant, roofing material. The cycle of sheet and slab production is entirely manual and makes slate a completely sustainable, eco-friendly material, unlike other stones or agglomerates that require machinery or ovens, and consequently a high consumption of electricity, to complete the production process. Its particularly appealing aesthetic value added to its high resistance, makes it a timeless and exclusive roofing material, as can be seen in centuries-old, traditional slate roofs.


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Triple Roofing

Double Roofing

Scale Roofing

Triple Roofing with hooks

French Roofing

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